I’ve been in the recording studio!

6 great reasons to read stories with your kids every night and guidance how to improve the experience for everyone involved (especially if you’re a nervous reader). Author of 'Hide & Seek Hippo' & former English teacher, Melissa Kay, talks about why it's so important to make reading with children a regular part of their... Continue Reading →


What evolved as I tried to help my little boy tackle his fear of the dark, as well as encouraging that all important ‘attitude of gratitude’ and the feelings of safety and security that make for solidly grounded human beings is… The Lovely Stuff 

40 fabulous days

Last year I turned 40. It was only 6 weeks after I'd had a baby and I wasn't quite in full party shape* (*understatement) so I set myself the challenge of having 40 fabulous days throughout the year. It served the added purpose of encouraging me to get out despite having a small baby and... Continue Reading →

Hippo on Stage!

I didn't think much could ever compare to seeing Hippo brought to life with page-by-page illustrations. It’s such an amazing experience to dream up a story in your head and then have someone else invest that much time and skill in it; have them visualize it with you and actually render it in full colour... Continue Reading →

Hippo in China

Every now and again you get to do something that is exciting and terrifying and life affirming all at the same time. A couple of my top moments include hang gliding off the Remarkables in New Zealand on my 25th birthday; and climbing Namibia’s sand dunes in low lying 5am mist to emerge into sun... Continue Reading →

Hong Kong Hippo

Many of you know that ‘Hide & Seek Hippo’ and I were invited out to visit Shen Wai International School in China as part of their literary week. What you don’t know is what we got up to while we were there, so I thought I’d share some of the wonderful moments that made up... Continue Reading →

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