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Quick update

Quick update

Apologies for being so quiet – I’ve been in the bush! In the wilds of Selous to be precise – the world’s largest game reserve (about the size of Belgium!) with the Rufiji River running through it. There will be pics and stories but I can’t say too much just yet as I’m writing articles about it for a few magazines. A big thank you to Authentic Tanzania and Selous Great Water Lodge for an amazing trip though.

In the mean time, I just wanted to update you guys on that online writers’ forum thing I was part of – I think I explained that the top 10 varied every day, depending on people reading and rating the early chapters of your book, and then they took an average from the month and printed an overall top ten on the 1st June. If you make the top 10 you win feedback from Random House or Orion publishers (pretty valuable for a new writer)… I made number 4! Very excited. Will report in on what they say next month. Thanks for all the messages and support guys.

Tonight I’m off to Geita with the Mosquitoes – we’re doing a gig in a gold mine! Then the next adventures include all kinds of Indian wedding antics (love it, can’t wait), lots and lots of articles to write, getting on with the book, a trip to Nairobi and then the UK for most of July (yay!). A busy few months so posts will be a tad irregular, but I’m still here! Expect a TIA Tale very soon.

As always, thanks for reading. Melissa


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