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TIA Tales – a tribute

This week’s blog is a bit different. It’s a story that isn’t really mine to tell – except that it happened just near by, and that my husband saw these riders only a couple of weeks before the accident (in fact, he stopped and asked them if they needed anything and advised them to stay off the main roads). Plus some of our good friends have been involved in trying to secure and help the horses in the aftermath – perhaps they can offer some updates on the story as it stands at a later date.

It is a story of determination, and overcoming obstacles, but ultimately of terrible tragedy. Wrong place, wrong moment. I hope one day I can post a follow up that gives this some rhyme or reason. I hope this changes something positively for someone in the long term. Sadly now it is just a very sad tale.

People are killed here on the roads every day, and nothing changes. I’ve mentioned in my TIA Tales – driving blog post about some of the madness here. And the hospitals here are in a desperate state – the comments about the man’s total lack of care in our main hospital here in Mwanza only serve to reinforce my blog about hospitals from last year. This is a particularly bad accident (though an entire bus load of people were killed not far from the same place last year for similar reasons and very little was said about it), and involves fairly high profile foreign travellers – perhaps it could provoke some discussion at least?

Anyway, I haven’t re-written what another journalist has already constructed very clearly, I’ll just provide the link to his article for you. I just thought I’d pay a tribute and share the tale. Article

I wish Billy all the strength he will need after this and hope he and his two horses have a swift recovery.


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  1. What an awfully horrible thing. I read of the horsy travel when we lived in Uganda and admired their adventurous spirit. When will African leaders begin to take accountability for the horrendous carnage of precious lives on these roads? My heart is hurting for Billy.

    February 7, 2013 at 4:25 pm

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