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Me and Sue went in a Canoe!

I’ve lived alongside Lake Victoria five years now, and am ashamed to admit that I have never paddled my own canoe (I’d like to think I’ve done the metaphorical version!).

Sometimes life here does get dull. It’s all very amusing having to wait to get out of my gate because of a herd of goats and cows with gigantic horns, or giggling at the fact that there’s a hairdresser in the butcher shop (I say ‘shop’ – it’s only slightly larger than a portaloo, there is no window, no electricity or water and, quite often, no meat!). I do enjoy meeting friends for drinks and attending the school play. But, at the end of the day, we are quite seriously lacking in terms of entertainment, high-octane action and new experiences!

So there I was enjoying a coffee with my friend, Sue, and wondering what I might do to perk myself up, when she suggested popping out on the canoes. Well, I have to admit that at first I wasn’t that enthusiastic – there are two canoes at the local yacht club (it should be called tiny boat yard, really) and they don’t look all that inspiring. Particularly as they rest beside a little boat with the word ‘Rescue’ painted on its prow… it’s rotten and has a hole! Once you’re out there you’re out there alone! But I decided I was up for it – despite the horrors of Bilherzia (a nasty disease in the lake which attacks your organs) and the presence of crocodiles and the lack of coast guard or rescue boat! Our safe little inlet belies the enormous size of this breadth of water that spans three countries and is responsible for hundreds of deaths each year, as well as being the life source for thousands. Luckily for me, it was the perfect still evening, with beautiful soft light.

We pushed off from the jetty and I was instantly besotted with this magical mode of transport. Total silence except for the dip, stroke and lift of my paddle. Seeing the world from water level makes water hyacinth and rock formations suddenly big and you, in turn, quite small. Plus, birds are not threatened by your noiseless approach, so tiny kingfishers dive and flit confidently right beside you.

This time I wasn’t quite confident enough in my paddling skills to have brought my big camera, so I just snapped a couple of shots on the phone. Next time I’m going out fully equipped!

This week my blog is neither TIA Tales nor The Write Time, it is simply a moment. One which reminded me that it’s very important to have moments …and live in them, enjoy them to the fullest and all those other momentous clichés! Find yourself a moment this week and share it – I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to, wherever you are.


One response

  1. Nina Hjortlund

    I like the “moments” 🙂
    Tells me more than “The Write Time” or “TIA Tales”.
    – and I know how intimidating it would have been to be facing the challenge of canoeing on the lake…. I am impressed 🙂

    April 24, 2013 at 10:27 am

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