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Part II – anniversary in the Serengeti

It’s hard to believe it’s been a whole year since our fairytale wedding in Naivasha last October, and yet so much has happened (not least the fact that I’m in my 6th month of pregnancy and would definitely no longer fit in my dress!).


Nina and I got back from Zanzibar on the Friday night, just in time to repack and leave the following morning for our Serengeti celebrations (poor me, what a tough time I’ve been having!). We packed the top tier of our wedding cake, our bottle of messages marked ‘1’ (which people had been asked to write at our wedding party) and plenty of champagne and headed off into the Western corridor to stay at Kirawira, along the Grumeti river; the first place Damien and I stayed on our first ever safari together.

Most of the pictures do the talking so I’m not going to write a lot this time around.

Our drive through the Western corridor was a feast for the eyes as the migration had begun to gather back on the Tanzanian side and the plains were teaming with game.
Serengeti anniversary-10

Pete spotted a crocodile nursery as we hopped out along the edge of the Grumeti River – that’s something I’d never seen before.

The rains have not yet really kicked in so, whilst the landscape is getting greener, the rivers are still pretty low and animals are drawn to the drinking spots wherever they can find them.

We stopped at a hippo viewing point for some champagne and smoked salmon sandwiches – as you do!

That afternoon we checked in to our camp for the night – a luxury tented camp with a real old colonial feel, four poster beds and views from your private wooden porch out across the plains. It was boiling so we headed for the pool before dinner.

We were thoroughly spoiled for the evening – with fantastic company, presents, all our 1 year anniversary messages from the bottle, a specially made cake (accompanied by singing of ‘Jambo, jambo bwana’ – a slightly cringy tourist song usually but we had to love the massive enthusiasm it was done with – and several other rousing African numbers!), more champagne and finally a room full of roses! It really was a treat.
Serengeti anniversary-1

The following day everyone (except me) was a little worse for wear but we all made it to breakfast, past the zebras that had gathered to crop the good grass around our tents. The day was insanely hot; so much so that it melted the breakfast butter in minutes and actually cracked Damien’s windscreen! Luckily for me that meant it was too hot for our somewhat nauseous group to stay in the tents, no matter how luxury they were, so we had to climb into the aircon in Damien’s car and do an extended game drive on the way home – ah shame!

Plenty of animals showed up to distract the others from their pain so I was free to take plenty of pics! It seemed everyone had turned up to wish me goodbye: In just two weeks I’ll be in England registering with doctors and doing antenatal classes. Gonna miss the ‘geti!

Thanks lovely husband and fabulous friends for an amazing weekend.


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  1. Alice Hutcheson

    Sounds lovely mels – why do i keep getting choked up about you leaving Africa tho!? Going to be so lovely having you back here. I am planning on going to the Everyman choir concert yes, so will def see you there. Am not in you know, as havent been able to manage it this term. As for other plans..after the 13th Dec i am all yours! I will mostly be christmas shopping and giving myself a big pat on the back for finishing another full-on training ; ) We STILL haven’t made a decision on next year, but it’s either Glos job or Amsterdam now..

    Jake’s and Jaqueline’s wedding was magic on Friday last week in Oxford. Very emotional.

    Speak soon – hope all well beauty x x x x

    Date: Sun, 3 Nov 2013 16:05:21 +0000 To: alicehutcheson@hotmail.com

    November 4, 2013 at 1:29 am

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