About this blog

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. Below are some introductions and explanations of the various sections.

For writers

These posts cover just some of the many lessons I’ve learned that might be helpful to anyone on the same path as me. There is also a monthly series about how to go it alone and create a book, with guidance on getting published and marketing etc.

For educators

Not only do these posts include activity ideas and support sheets that educators are welcome to download and use, but they also feature educators from schools around the world who discuss their favourite picture books for the classroom and some of the ways they’ve used the texts to create learning building blocks. Parents may also be interested in this for activity ideas at home.

For parents/or the grown-ups in little people’s lives

Content for those adulting in the lives of those who are busy childing includes thoughts on common experiences, shareable content about lovely family rituals and positive support for those emotional development stages we have to hold their hands through, as well as lots of ideas for ways to enhance and vary your bedtime story experiences with your little ones.

For travellers

My wanderlust is incurable, in spite of now being a mum of two (a very different place to where I was when I started this blog!) so I will continue to post when I travel and/or take photos of fabulous places and things. I hope it may go some way to inspire readers to love the world’s wonders just as much as I do.


Whenever there is an update, you’ll be the first to hear of it.

I hope you’ll find some helpful or at least entertaining content here. If you like what you see, I’d really appreciate you signing up as a follower – just look to the right on the home page, there’s a little box where you fill in your email address, then click the ‘follow’ button underneath.

Thank you and best wishes, Melissa

Melissa is a teacher, a published author, a mum and a lover of travel. She has won competitions, been published, been ignored, been highly acclaimed, been torn apart by criticism, been on courses to improve and basically spent most of life learning. Indeed, she continues to do so. She is a member of the SCBWI, and currently lives in Tanzania, East Africa. She relies on a regular intake of chocolate and wine to fuel her adventures!


3 thoughts on “About this blog

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  1. Dear Melissa,
    I’m a publisher from Namibia. I came across your blog while searching for images of vultures eating a corpse to use in text on ecosystems in a Natural Science and Health Education Grade 6 textbook I’m busy working on at the moment.

    I would like to use one of your images I found on https://beingmelissakay.wordpress.com/tag/lioness/ in this publication.

    Please contact me via email for more details.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Warm regards,


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