The day the world went dark

Having a baby lights up the world. It’s not easy, but all the clichés are true about how you’ve never known love like it, how magical it all is blah blah. The thing is it comes with a dark side too. One I only fully understood slowly over this first year of my first child... Continue Reading →


Baby Giggles

Hi everyone, sorry I’ve been quiet for a while – I’ve been working on a project that, quite literally, shits all over the poo diaries: A tiny human being who can out-poo an elephant after a curry! In fact I have a whole new set of poo stories for the diaries collection (or should I... Continue Reading →

what makes a home?

In the non-literal sense, I’ve been building a home from the ground up these past two months and it’s got me thinking… which parts are actually important? It all started with finding the property – and that’s definitely part of it, feeling safe and protected from the elements, being in a location that suits who... Continue Reading →

beginnings and endings

It’s hard to spend a great deal of time thinking about birth and the beginnings of life without thinking about the end of life and the aging process. Creating a new generation means shuffling along that proverbial ‘mortal coil’ a little and realizing that we are getting older. We do this at intervals of course... Continue Reading →

Help! A tiny person’s coming

Who’d have thought that a miniature human weighing just a few kilograms and unable to walk or talk yet, could cause so much fuss! I’m learning that it’s all very well getting pregnant and moving across continents and playing ‘new house’, but at some point you will be forced to face reality and actually prepare... Continue Reading →

In My Garden

I was feeling somewhat uninspired this week and not sure what I'd end up writing on this blog. But my office looks out over our garden and out towards the lake and I decided I would set myself a challenge. Every time I look up from my computer I witness some little scene from nature... Continue Reading →

Call yourself a writer?

I’ve spent the past eighteen months ‘being a writer’ and feeling fraudulent a great deal of the time. It’s been like training for a job without any idea what the actual criteria are and without anyone to guide you. When I was a teacher it was simple – I had the qualifications on paper and... Continue Reading →

The Circus of Life

At home in July, as I’ve mentioned, things were a little bit crazy! Here in Mwanza now, things are a little bit crazy. I wonder, am I doomed always to live in total mayhem? I have asked myself if I create it, but I really don’t think I’m entirely to blame. I mean several of... Continue Reading →

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