Bedtime for Baby: reading with your 6 – 18 month old

In the first of my posts that will be all about promoting the magic of bedtime stories, I’d like to take a look at the real beginners. They might not be talking yet, let alone reading, but they can still look forward to story time. My daughter now flaps and giggles and gets generally very... Continue Reading →


Judgement & Criticism… & Paranoia

Had a bit of a revelation this week. The thing is, being a parent you are learning how to manage new stuff every day. And just as you get one thing under control they change their habits, likes, reactions, whatever and you are back in the dark again wondering what to try next. I think... Continue Reading →

Time of your life

Having passed the four month baby stage I have to accept that I am no longer a new mum (even though I think it’s possible I’ll feel like that right up until the day he moves out!). It’s got me thinking about the completely upside down nature of time. I’ve been mulling it over in... Continue Reading →

Facebook Dysmorphia

This should really be called Facebook Like And Compare Identity Dysmorphia – or F.L.A.C.I.D. Yes, I think that works. It certainly sums up the miserable impotence of this phenomenon! The problem is, just as alcoholism, violence or drugs in a parent often generates similarly damaged children, with the FLACID syndrome we find we are both... Continue Reading →

Baby Giggles

Hi everyone, sorry I’ve been quiet for a while – I’ve been working on a project that, quite literally, shits all over the poo diaries: A tiny human being who can out-poo an elephant after a curry! In fact I have a whole new set of poo stories for the diaries collection (or should I... Continue Reading →

what makes a home?

In the non-literal sense, I’ve been building a home from the ground up these past two months and it’s got me thinking… which parts are actually important? It all started with finding the property – and that’s definitely part of it, feeling safe and protected from the elements, being in a location that suits who... Continue Reading →

Help! A tiny person’s coming

Who’d have thought that a miniature human weighing just a few kilograms and unable to walk or talk yet, could cause so much fuss! I’m learning that it’s all very well getting pregnant and moving across continents and playing ‘new house’, but at some point you will be forced to face reality and actually prepare... Continue Reading →

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